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Countryman Business Consultants
Digital Ads & Campaigns 

We develop strategic campaigns for your business and unique market conditions. Often hitting several niches with a variety of messages and methods of communication. 

​CBC selects the best tools available to bring your business all the benefits possible to provide a competitive advantage. 

  • Traffic Analysis & Strategic Plans
  • Lead Generation and Sales Lists 
  • Online Searches, Phrases & Keywords, Contextual Targeting
  • Geo-Targeting of Interested Prospects,  Website Visits, Location Visits, Valued Locations, Re-Targeting
  • Content Creation & Distribution, Key Words & Page Indexing, Hash-Tags
  • Prospect Re-Marketing & Follow-up
  • CRM Systems & Customer Relations
  • Transactional & Relational Selling. 

Radio Ads & Promotions

We get your business noticed and perceived as 1st-choice.  CBC utilizes all  channels of communication, placing your business information into the minds of your target customers.  

  • Commercial Copy Development
  • Studio Creation & Voice Over
  • Content Scheduling & Impact Review
  • Logo & Slogan Design & Development
  • Partner Cooperative Communications
  • Perception Programs & Assignments
  • Message Connotation Evaluations
  • Celebrity & Spokespersons 

Additional Online Tools 

CBC uses all the latest technology tools to give your business the boost in customers and sales you desire.

  • Email Blasting
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Bluetooth Beacon Proximity Ads
  • Video Creation & Selection
  • Online Channel Selection
  • Venue & Reputation Management 

Racy Stacy Carmicheal

Get your Business found Online. Turn Searches into Purchases and Boost your Sales!